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Time is Gold…

March 3, 2009

This is an off topic…  🙂

I always thought that hub was nuts with the way he spent on watches (pretty much the way he feels about my bags).  But now, I am so loving my new watch (btw, I made a mistake, he gave me a Men’s size one, not a midsize) … and because I have an obsessive personality, I’ve been looking through different Rolex Sites scouting around for what I want  the next time he decides to buy me a watch.  

I started looking at pics of Celebrities and their watches, I saw pics of Elle MacPherson (a big Rolex collector) and her various yellow gold Rolexes.  My dad has a solid gold Rolex which I always called his “BIR Rolex” since I thought only government officials wore yellow gold watches – well hahaha, the last laugh is on me  —  I totally love how the yellow gold Men’s Rolex looks on women!!!


Don't really like her (Team Jolie!) but I do like the watch

Don't really like her but I do like the watch

So, what did I do?  Obviously Hub isn’t going to buy me one (well, not anytime soon anyway – but hoping he will again one day), so I borrowed my Dad’s for the week!  I think it goes really well with the gold hardware on my Balenciaga brief.

My Dad's 18k Yellow Gold Rolex Day Date with Fluted Bezel

My Dad's 18k Yellow Gold Rolex Day Date with Fluted Bezel

Pretty isn’t it?  I’m trying to convince him that it fits me more than him  (Good Luck to me – obviously my tactics aren’t working  – Li, don’t worry, if he does give it to me, he’ll buy you a swatch! hahaha!).

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  1. ATQ permalink
    March 3, 2009 12:57 PM

    Yahoo! Another watch lover 🙂 Give it a chance Ins… it can be fun too!

  2. Nikki permalink
    March 3, 2009 9:41 PM

    Funny. I’ve never tried it on. When we were home last Christmas, my dad (prob same as the one your dad has) gave his gold one to Enteng! Perhaps I should try to convince him that it looks better on me than on him. When he wears it, he looks like a DOM. (dirty old man! haha)

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