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Bag a Day Challenge. Day 6. Race Day

January 17, 2009

Tomorrow is Sunday, Day 6 and it is also my first race for the year!  

Every race, I always bring my Ruby Step.  I don’t know why –  maybe because every part of my running gear is red (thermos, iPod, Suunto).  I am writing this ahead because assembly tomorrow morning is at 5:30 and I have a full scheduled day after – but all my clothes/gear and bag are set for tomorrow. 


Balenciaga 2008 Ruby Step

Balenciaga 2008 Ruby Step

My race results will be posted here on Monday: TenderfootRunner

I hope I do well! Good luck to me 😀

5 Comments leave one →
  1. lia permalink
    January 18, 2009 12:21 AM

    Good luck ins!!!

  2. Nikki permalink
    January 18, 2009 1:03 AM

    Good Luck!!!

  3. Ina permalink*
    January 19, 2009 10:15 AM

    Thanks guys! I finished well 🙂 29.50 for 5k

  4. ATQ permalink
    January 20, 2009 2:21 PM

    Congrats Ina! I am still trying to get myself to start running!

  5. Ina permalink*
    January 20, 2009 3:06 PM

    Thanks Ands 🙂

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